On that rainy afternoon, How did

It just so happen, like God himself

Heard the voices of our hearts

And guided us to each other

What happened was a series of events

As readily processed as a flurry of

Hieroglyphs off an ancient pyramid

Just lying in wait for things to rise

When it did happen for us was a time

Two souls were finding themselves

Guided towards life in a new light

Which shone brightly around them

Deep down nobody knew, that there

Would be a meeting of fate that very day

Two pairs of eyes would see each other

And lock on to an irreplaceable bond

Perhaps the questions how, why and when

Do not even come close to describing

The attributes of the human heart, for

They learnt that day was love itself.



Why must we be the ones

To continuously question

Who we are, why we exist

The reason why things

Came about in such a way

Robust events crammed

In trickles of time —

Sprinkled over moments

That last a lifetime

Who knew those years

Ago that someday even

Our egos would clash

And we would find

Compromise, a founding

Principle be the most difficult

Did we hope to achieve this

After coming this far?

Hearing and suffering

Even bearing the weight

Of the mistakes of those

Before us — or older than us?

We haven’t done any wrong

What is wrong is the world

That keeps us apart

Preventing us from smiling

The way we know how

Stopping us from holding

Each other be it by the hand

That is exactly we must keep

Going, arm in arm — irrespective

Of the past, present and future.



We fit so perfectly well,

I sometimes wonder what I did,

To deserve a match like this,

So perfect together it is as if,

God himself wrote our love story,

Despite adding some thorns to survive,

It’s a bed full of roses all the time.

The gestures that you have made,

Especially in the past week,

Assured me that it is not only one person,

Making sacrifices or adjustments,

But we both step up when situation demands,

And these gestures are what I value so much,

It gives me the security that some partners find in gifts,

How amazing it is right?

That a box of cake can give me so much peace,

I love you my darling,

To infinity.



You know my love,

For all these years your words have left,

A permanent mark on my heart,

You know exactly what to say,

And my soul leaps up for a dance.

While I can never compare,

To your literary skills,

Many love notes have been prepared,

For you to enjoy,

Including this little note to remind you,

That there is nothing more in this world,

Than your smile when you look into my eyes,

Which leaves me with butterflies.

And when sometimes you say words,

So naturally that I know,

How you really mean them,

They make me believe in our future even more,

Because just like you said to me at the ice rink,

My heart is also already yours ❤️



Thinking on my bed, with my phone by my side

Anticipating a ring to come up at any moment

My mind darts to earlier in the evening

When I saw the face, your face

The most beautiful Deliveroo rider

Possibly in the entirety of existence

As I descended the escalator,

While you look puzzled towards the lift

Trying to comprehend where I could be

I came into your presence

Almost unannounced,

Kind of the same way we first met

Don’t you think? I certainly remember

Wind blowing with raindrops glittering

Amidst the evening lights,

That day in CUHK

And today under the neon sign

Shining so brightly amidst darkness outside

Of Circle K